Autumn in New York

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Autumn in New York!!!!!  It is so beautiful here, (my favorite time of the year), but I dream of being in Paris. I went shopping, hoping that Paris would go away! As I shopped for shoes and makeup and hats (that I could not afford ), I kept asking myself, “Paris, why am I so in love with you? Paris, are you just another fantasy that I created in my mind, looking for beauty and perfection that does not exist?

In the meantime (as I was daydreaming and not paying attention),  Lulu (the little sneak that he is) chewed the Louboutins!!!!!!!!! Thank god no one noticed…..Everyone was so busy with SHOES!!!!!!!

We shopped and shopped, Lola and Lulu had fun. (They are behaved in department stores). They especially liked climbing on the hat boxes! The pushy cosmetics sales person told me I looked GORGEOUS in the electric blue eyeshadow she tried to sell me!!!!

Another wonderful day in New York!!!!!

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